Artist Statement - Sam Ferris - Morris is a Cincinnati-based composer/musician, programmer, and Installation artist. His interests include the use of technology and experience based design to create immersive and visceral multi sensory experiences.  Sam's current focus is on the exploration of collaborative interdisciplinary projects which dissolve the boundaries between traditional musical, scientific, architectural, technological, and other artistic practices. As a cofounder of the interdisciplinary artist collective, Intermedio, Sam designs custom software using an array of coding languages to facilitate experiments with massively multichannel sound design, distributed sensor networks, feedback systems, and algorithmic composition.  His most recent installation in collaboration with Justin West, Eric Blyth, and Jeff Welsh utilizes 250 custom designed audio circuits communicating with infrared light to pass cascading sound textures across a 30'x20' room of the UnMuseum at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati.


Bio - Mr. Ferris-Morris was born in Rochester, New York in 1985.  In his teenage years he became interested in blues guitar and computer coding.  He received his BM in Music Composition from Heidelberg University and his M.M. in Music Composition from Ohio University.  His composition teachers include Mark Phillips, Brian Bevelander, and Mark Olivieri. In addition he has had master classes and workshops with composers George Crumb, Christopher Adler, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, flutist Molly Barth, and  cellist Ashley Walters. As a composer, Mr. Ferris-Morris has had the privilege of hearing his music in such venues and festivals as the 2014 Nief Norf Festival at Furman University, Makers Mobile in Cincinnati, Ohio University, the Heidelberg New Music Festival, and the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati. His most recent music is recognizable for its quiet, colorful, and crystalline textures and is often informed by visual imagery: pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope, stark landscapes, diffuse light, and old degraded video.